Friday, April 27, 2012

27 on 27

Twenty seven years ago today something incredible happened to Mark Scott and Paula Mondoy. They got married.

A Little Bit About Our Wedding

We didn't have a lot of money to do our wedding with and even if we had, we wanted it to be meaningful to us. We wanted a wedding with a sense of family and community. We wanted as many people as possible to have a role in the wedding itself. A pretty old fashioned notion, for sure.

I was THRILLED that Mark's mother still had her wedding dress and that I fit it (with very minor alterations). That is her dress that I am wearing. I'm not into the brand new dress you wear only once that costs gobs of money. This meant so much more to me. Her dress was made during WWII when all raw materials and resources were being directed towards the war effort. It is a simple satin dress. Marian said that they did not have access to any lace to put on the dress because of the war. To me, it was perfect just the was it was. I also tried to make my bouquet to be similar to the one that she had-with Cattaleya orchids and maidenhair fern. The veil I designed and had a friend make it. The food was simple. My roommate, Toni Conception made the wedding cake. I gave her a year's notice that she was going to make my cake. The wait staff at the Boathouse restaurant where she worked were thrilled to be her guinea pigs for a year sampling her practice cakes. It was the best cake we've ever had. Chocolate chiffon cake with a mocha filling and a butter cream frosting. Off the hook. So good, in fact that the top that we had saved for our one year anniversary. Well, the next day all of us (my brothers, sister, parents, niece and nephew) went to the San Diego Zoo. Mark's parent's stayed home (Marian's back was out). While we were gone, Scotty (Mark's dad) cracked in to that cake.

So, we never had that cake for our first anniversary! Oh, well!

It is hard to believe that 27 years have gone by so quickly. And, we certainly have been through thick and through thin. Seems to come in cycles.

27 is an accomplishment. Through thick and through thin we have always felt blessed to have each other and our family and friends. And, of course, our son-our greatest blessing.

And so, after you've read this, raise a glass and join us in a toast towards our 27th wedding anniversary.

And, to (my dear and somewhat crazy husband) Mark: happy anniversary honey-I love you!!!


Sylvia K said...

Oh, Happy Anniversary, Paula!! I'm sorry I'm so late getting by, but I've been gone all day! Love your wedding picture! I'm so happy for you and hope you've had a terrific day/evening!!


Jenn Falcon said...

Congratulations! :-)



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