Friday, July 03, 2009

Wear It With Pride

On Being a Patriot

You would look upon the American flag with a sense of pride and have proudly flown it from time to time.

You celebrate who we are across the country and go see a local parade and cheer them on. No matter how "rinky dink" or small that parade might be.

We show our patriotism in many ways-many wear representations of our flag in various ways. On our shirts.

Even on our faces.

Our heads! We wear it with pride.

We gather together in groups across the country with the traditional BBQ; bonding over food. Isn't it remarkable that the majority of us on July 4th are doing rather similar activities?

And, if wearing it and displaying it weren't enough (because we are an over the top kind of culture), we even display our flag via food.

Dessert is always a good medium to work in, I say!

We the people, the patriotic people, will spend our day on July 4th celebrating our country's independence by way of our parades, our attire, our food, our fireworks. This freedom was and continues to be hard earned. And it is something that we have to continue to fight for.

And, if you don't consider yourself to be a patriot, do you know what the opposite word is for patriot? According to Webster's Dictionary, the opposite of patriotism is terrorism. Now, that's something to ponder on...

Some insights from Thomas Jefferson can be found here.


smith kaich jones said...

I love me some Thomas Jefferson! Happy 4th & let us remember what courage our founding fathers & mothers had - what they were willing to risk for freedom. I would hope that I would have as much courage in a similar situation.

:) Debi

Jacqui said...

Hope you all have a good weekend. I must say that the US flag does lend itself to some serously good desert ideas!


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