Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ah Sli She Pah

Being There: Photographers in Their Natural Habitat

I must admit I'm a little late on posting this. It's a submission to the New Mexico Natural History Museum call for photography. The exhibit opened a month ago and will be up all summer through the end of August.

We were supposed to take you to a place in NM that we love to do what we do-photograph nature. The catch was that we were to include ourselves in the photo.

I was laughing so much to myself when I was doing this; grateful that I was out in the middle of nowhere-a wilderness area in the four corners region of the state called, Ah Sli She Pah. Laughing because I was going back and forth to the camera to set off the timer and running into the picture frame hoping that I was placing myself well and then striking and holding a silly pose before the camera went off. I feel awkward posting this image since it contains all of me. Ugh! But, there you go. Goofy herself.

It was a juried show and I got one of three honorable mentions. I'm thrilled. I only submitted one photo! You could submit up to three I think.

To see all the other images in the show and the prospectus, click on this link here.


Leau said...

Yeah for you!!!! Super shot

smith kaich jones said...

I love this, all the happiness & silliness just radiating from you. Congratulations!

:) Debi

Paula said...

This looks like it was fun.


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