Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ms. Deux

In case you're wondering what Ms. Deux aka Michele Deux aka Flat Michele has been up to...

She's been very busy! Very, very busy! We think she's acclimated to the elevation here quite nicely (we are a mile high in elevation). And, it seems that she is quite comfortable here with us. We are glad that she feels at home; so much so that here she is taking yet another rest on our bed! She was spending some quality time with Mr. Bear (he is quite soft and fuzzy and has great 'cuddle' factor).

I love reading stories to her at night. I think that is something that we both look forward to each evening after a full day of activities. What could be better?


Hey Harriet said...

Hehe, the new addition to your family sure likes to rest a lot. I'm sure Ms Deux was taking a nap last time I checked in on her :D

robin bird said...

what great story line and excuse for reading aloud :) she may not have a crown at all but she looks like she does in the photo and i love looks like a wreath of flowers to me.
xox to you paula


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