Saturday, March 07, 2009

Kissing an Angel

Don't you wish that you could kiss an angel?

This is the time of year as we are coming up on spring where I head out into the yard quite early every morning to get some yard work done. Our property is roughly 7/8 of an acre and although the yard design is low maintenance, it is certainly not 'no maintenance'! The light changes very quickly in the early morning and as I passed by this lovely little angel, I couldn't help but notice the shadow cast by the birdie perched on its fingers. And that it seemed as though the shadow was reaching over to give the angel friend a kiss.

I have a lot of friends and family members right now that have various physical and health issues. I thought how nice it would be to send them all angel kisses to help them feel better and heal better. Along with beams of white light-healing white light full of love and positive energy.

I can only hope that they all feel this coming their way.

You simply must go visit at Tracy's place to witness other shadow sightings done throughout the world!


Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

I am the one who's dreaming and wishing to kiss the real angel.

What a wonderful bird that gave you the great shadow.

Your lucky that you had a nice sunshine.

Enjoy the SSS.

Hey Harriet said...

Your angel / bird shadow shot is very lovely. I'm sure those friends and family members in need of a little positivity are feeling those angel kisses of yours :)

Sweet Repose said...

I kiss an angel every morning, my furry companion 'Scratchy', but what a nice gift to receive...come on Spring!!!

Leau said...

Great catch! smooches

Sylvia K said...

What a great shadow shot! Really lovely! Thanks for sharing! Happy SSS!

Shannon said...

sweet little peck on the cheek of an angel... what a great eye you have to have captured such a sweet, sweet shot!

PJ said...

The angel is very sweet, the birdie is just adorable. I hope all your friends and family feel better.

Catherine said...

what a sweet contribution to shadow shot sunday..

Raven said...

What a lovely shadow the bird has created and a sweet angel. I feature angels this week as well.Have a look if you have the time.


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