Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ms. Deux, Shadows and Ojito Wilderness Area

Ms. Deux was supposed to get up with me this morning for a 'reconnaissance' trip to the Ojito Wilderness Area. But no, too sleepy! She couldn't get out of bed. "Do I have to go?" she says. Heaving a heavy sigh, I let her stay home and went alone and had a great trip. When I got back, I found Ms. Deux in the back yard on our tire swing! I had to take a photo of her as there was this really gigantic shadow cast by the fruitless mulberry tree that it was tied to.

She had a great time on that tire swing. She was out there for hours!

I'll share with you what she missed out on.

I call this monolith the Boulder Guard. I didn't notice then, but here at home, I got a better look at the profile of this boulder and I'll be damned! Do you see a face there?

I drove about a total of ten miles on this dirt road out here. This cropping reminded me of this sphinx. Since I was alone, after my third stop for pictures, I decided that staying in the car was better. It felt a little creepy and I also felt very vulnerable being out there alone. The rest of the images are all done from the comfort of the driver's seat! Sounds lame, but it seemed safer. This place is only a half an hour from my doorstep, but isolated nonetheless and absolutely no cell service.

I couldn't figure out why this fence on a cattle guard had this really cool number one on it. This would make a great macro shot. Maybe I'll remember when I come back again (soon) to do sunset shots.

Waaaaay out there where those mountains are there is a highway called the NM550 that goes up to the four corners area. I've traveled it a lot and it is my favorite highway as it is picturesque the entire way. It's kinda odd to be on the other side of a vantage point which is where this shot is. On the highway, my back is to the mountains and I'm looking out at this vast stretch of wilderness area.

On my way out, I stopped to photograph this young calf and it got nervous about my doing so. Then comes this other animal and positions herself like this. It was then that I realized that this was the mama coming to the rescue of her calf!

So, that was my Saturday morning this weekend. How was yours?

To see more fabulous shadow shots, please hop on over to Tracy's place at Hey Harriet!


Hey Harriet said...

Can't believe that Ms. Deux didn't want to go on that wonderful adventure with you! Tire swings are fun and all, but really, she can swing on that thing anytime. Perhaps she has a special bond with the tire. Maybe it ran her over...hehe. The Ojito Wilderness area looks like a fun place to explore. Can't wait to see your sunset pics when you return. Maybe you'll be able to persuade Ms. Deux to go along next time :)

Monica - Michele's Mom said...

This sounds just like Michele. She just loves to sleep in. When we want to go out she just wants to stay home and play. I asked Michele which she rather do and she agreed with Michele Deux totally.

Mommy thinks she missed out on some beautiful landscapes. I guess Auntie Paula is going to have to make Michele Deux go out away from home just like Mommy does to Michele.

Rosebud Collection said...

What a great trip and I did see the face..Hey, remember on Maui, they had a place that had the Kennedy profile? I don't know if it is still there..near Ioa Needle.
Anyway, your pictures are wonderful.Happy SSS..

onevintagephoto said...


luvmyboys said...

She did miss out on so much!

I DO see a profile in that boulder. How cool!

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Paula - what fun posts you've got with Ms. Deux! Three years ago we had a tiny 1' flat Stanley that went everywhere with our family for a week - funny memories reading about your visitor!
Wishing you both lots of fun this week!

Catherine said...

Love those tree shadows...very creepy, plus that whole landscape in the other shots looks a gorgeous place to visit..


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