Friday, February 27, 2009

Michele Deux

Monica sent me a picture from her cell phone of Michele creating Michele.

I was lamenting to my cousin Monica (Michele's mom) about the name, Flat Michele. She said that Michele's older sister's doll (she did this project when she was in the 2nd grade with the same teacher) got renamed to Rachael 2. Yeah, Michele 2, that's what I'll call her (see the previous post for an explanation of this project)! From there, I went to Michele Deux. And, in more formal occasions, she'll be referred to as, 'Ms. Deux'! And, that's Michele spelled with one 'l', not 2 as I had previously posted. Oops! Sorry!

Tonight's big adventure is that we joined Ms. Linda at the Banana Leaf restaurant here in Rio Rancho for dinner. It was yummy! They serve Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese food. It's a well decorated restaurant (with a modern edge to it). We both had a spicy scallop dish followed by ice cream and fried bananas for dessert. Linda had the ginger ice cream and I had the green tea ice cream. The ginger ice cream was out of bounds! 'Broke da mouth' as they say in Hawaii when the food is beyond delicious. The green tea ice cream was good too and not too sweet. Next time, though, I will have to have the ginger.

Ooooh! Aaah!

Here's a close up of one of the really trendy cool lights that they had there. I wonder what the other patrons thought of this woman doing a macro shot of the light fixture...oh, wait AND she had her picture taken with this flat doll!

OK, so Michele will be reading this blog when I post things in regards to her double, Michele Deux. Please, please put a comment so she can see others who are keeping track of her doll. Tell her where you're from too. I think she and her classmates and teacher will all get a kick out of it! Thanks!

So, what'll you think we'll do tomorrow??? Stay tuned!


Hey Harriet said...

Oh so I can't call her Flat Michele anymore. Michele Deux now? Ok then. I think that it's fab you took her to that restaurant. Lucky MD! The restaurant patrons must have all had a great giggle at the sight of your thin friend! The food sounds yummy! Ice cream is my fave thing ever!

Cheers Tracy from Australia :D xo

Linda said...

It was a wonderful evening having dinner with Paula and Ms. Deux. Maybe she'll want to travel with us to Ojito Wilderness--as evidence by the latest post by Paula, it is a great trip and we're going Tuesday--or does M. Deux have to go to school?

How, oh how do we get her excused for this field trip?


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