Sunday, January 18, 2009

To "Just Be"

I seem to forget constantly to set time aside to read books (other than art instructional related books). Consequently, I have a stash of books I’ve been working on for a while. I won’t even define publicly what ‘a while’ entails in this context! Too embarrassed.

I picked up one of these said books last night. It’s called, “Wabi Sabi the Japanese Art of impermanence”. Wabi Sabi isn’t something that can be explained by how you arrange your furniture or placing wind chimes in strategic places throughout your yard or having the right colors in the right places in your home. It’s a very evolved philosophical way to approach life. I find that the more I learn about it, the more I am fascinated and connected to it.

Here’s the passage that I started off with that really resounds within me: “To be at one with the Tao, one must practice wu-wei and refrain from forcing anything to happen that does not happen of its own accord. To be at one with the Tao is to accept that we must yield to a power much greater than ourselves. Through this acceptance of the natural flow of life, and by discarding all learned doctrines and knowledge, a person is able to achieve real unity with the Tao.”

Wow. It really rings true, but it really is a TALL order! I think the hardest part for me is the part about discarding all learned doctrines and knowledge. The not forcing part, I’ve learned to embrace that over these past few years and I’ve learned that there is more ease in life when I do (go with the flow). Acknowledging a greater being than ourselves? Piece of cake! But, I don’t’ even know where to start to discard all learned doctrines and knowledge. That one is the ‘tall order’ part for me. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that I shan’t fret over the part that I can’t get a grip on and focus on the parts that I have.

And I will continue to keep on learning how to “just be”.

Just like this feather.

Image is from my expedition to Bosque Del Apache (NM).

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RetRomantic said...

I also struggle with discarding part. It looks like that emotional and "whatever happened in a past" kind of junk that I carry inside is surfacing out more often than I wish to allow. Almost as if it has a will of its own. I shall check out the book you are reading. I used to be a big novel reader but my interest shifted dramatically, about , five years ago toward spiritual growth or "awakening" type of books. So much so that for almost two full years I haven't read not one single novel. Now I combine.
By the way thank you for your comment on my "pale" entry for Illustration Friday. Its the statements like yours that keep me motivated and inspired.

A Wild Thing said...

This is the reason I don't accept the Christian church, it is all so unnatural to me, so fear based and money just doesn't feel right, you have to believe in your own intuition and know what is right and sacred in the Universe.

Love the delicate miracle of the feather...a natural selection of life...

sharon said...

I like the idea of just letting things "be". It seems so much easier to go about life on the path of least resistance.
pretty feather SS!

Chubby Chieque said...

Que sera sera! A wonderful thing to do.

Ur so creative in this shot! Love it!

Claire, said...

To be or not to be, that is the question.
We carry stuff we don't even know we carry, subconscious messages sent from every direction since before our birth... it's rough out there. I love your feather shadow.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

RetRomantic: I either got the book at Borders or Amazon in case you need that info!
Sweet Repose: oddly enough, I'm a practicing Catholic. I try not to get distracted by those parts of organized religion that is seeped with the pitfalls of being a human being. That would be the end results of what you are alluding to: power, greed, manipulation, etc. But I do like being within the community, the fellowship, the rituals and traditions.
And, Claire, nothing truer could be said! We do carry everything, it seems that is accumulated since (or before ) birth.

d smith kaich jones said...

I am always amazed, but not really so, by how much we have in common. I am a BIG wabi-sabi person; the first time I read of it - in a Buddhist magazine, I think - I knew immediately that feeling of home. I knew immediately what it spoke of - I felt I'd been living it all my life.

:) Debi

Jaime said...

I was looking through this book on yoga once, and it had lot's of beautiful pictures and many profound quotes.
Well, oddly, one of them said *only dead fish go with the flow* ........................hmmmmmmmm.

Perhaps dead fish have more wisdom than we give them credit for?

Even stranger, isn't yoga all about flow???

Hey Harriet said...

Such a lovely and exquisite shadow shot. The Wabi Sabi sounds very interesting. I don't think I've heard of it before. Or if I did ever hear the name Wabi Sabi I probably thought it was in reference to a type of sauce. Ignorant fool I am ;) I always find your posts a fascinating read. They make me think about stuff. I like that :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful feather photo, I like the colours and contrast. A very interesting post. You have succeeded in making me think too. Oh dear! that's dangerous, Hey Harriet's Tracy and Twinkle Star Amanda thinking about stuff! Who knows what that will lead to. Most probably a headache ;P

Bridgette Guerzon Mills said...

oh, you should see the stack of books that I have on my nightstand! I think sometimes if I actually just focused on one instead of reading bits here and there in all of them, I might actually finish a book.

I need to work on the "not forcing". Thank you for posting that- something i needed to hear.

loving my tea! thank you. xo

Leau said...

Well, don't you know...I was going to write about wabi sabi and then read your post! great minds, great minds! smooches

word verification? synest seems appropriate since I am sorting out my nest and soon will have a ****sigh***** nest!

Anonymous said...

A very beautiful image. Thanks for posting it. And the philosophy is good to read as well. We keep trying to improve; that's the important thing.


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