Friday, January 16, 2009

Pale Heart

pale (payl) adj.

2. (of color or light) faint, not bright or vivid.

Another image from the trek to Bosque Del Apache. I found this along the bank of a ditch. Apparently, the water from this particular ditch must've been very alkaline as the ground was nearly white-very pale indeed. It was the slight color variations on the ground caught my attention. A track of these heart shaped imprints! I can only guess that these are deer tracks. You could barely see them as the ground was so pale!

It doesn't take much to please me as these little hoof prints made my day.

For more images relating to the word, "pale" click here.


Jaime said...

These little heart prints are so sweet...makes me wish I had heart shaped feet.

redredday said...

hi Paula, funny to see the word pale here. it's on my mind for a name for one of the spoons i'm working on. and i too was captivated by some deer prints the other day. i like it when things click like that on different sides of the world. the ones i saw were not as pale since they were clearly made in fresh snow. i'll be looking out for them to see how they are like hearts...


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