Monday, December 01, 2008

Reflections Post Thanksgiving

These are shots I took on Thanksgiving Day. Sigh...I told myself that I wasn't going to pick up the camera at all that day. Take a break, you know? But, it was such a treat to not spend the whole day cooking since we got a fabulous invite to a friend's house who happens to be a chef.

It rained that day. For the high desert area here, days with rain are few and far between. Anyway, I decided to go out onto our patio and soak in the hot tub and enjoy the backyard. The Japanese Maple was in it's final hurrah and as I sat there soaking, I realized what a glorious visual treat lay before me. I felt compelled (a polite word for obsessive, you know) to record it!

A beautiful carpet in my garden!

Thoughts that came to me with this one is that this leaf wasn't quite ready to join the carpet below and piggy backed on one still holding out!

The patina of the metal cap of the lamp makes for a wonderful contrast for these two rebels. I felt like these beautiful vignettes were here just for my private enjoyment.

Textures and patterns...that's what droplets have to offer. Well, wet too.

Now that it's too cold for the bees to invade the bird bath, the robins have been enjoying their bird bath again. They take turns and when the next one is in cue, it lands on the top of this bell thing. When I'm inside, I know the robins are out there without even having to look out the window since I hear the bells ringing, announcing another visitor.

Over at our friend's house, I am compelled yet again to pull out my camera!

What's with this jar thing? I forgot to ask...anyway, it looked pretty cool to me.

Detail of their trash can; 403 is the house number of the address.

It was indeed a great day spent with friends sharing a lovingly made and exquisite meal. So much to be grateful for!


laurel said...

Beautiful photos! I love the colors of the leaves in the fall. I should have gone out and taken some pics too. My excuse was getting Christmas cards made.

Jaime said...

Aren't Japanese maples the most stunningly beautiful trees???
I love them!


Christine said...

These are all beautiful photos, Paula. I have a Japanese maple that makes a similar carpet this time of year.

robin bird said...

you've got some great captures here paula...and i completely love the vision of having the cue of robin's ringing the bell as they bathe :) no rest for the camera crazy!


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