Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Alae Angel

Thanks, Debi, for the hookup to Darlene's December View! I plan to participate in this unique event. In the process, I've re-discovered images that I meant to post, never did (I've said this before too, haven't I?).

This angel is from a cemetary named Alae near Hilo, Hawaii. They actually had sections for Japanese, Koreans, Chinese (labelled as so). The Christian section? Not labelled. I had never seen a cemetary labelled in such a way!

Thanks to Jaime too; her post as her December View kickoff was an inspiration (Moving Into Silence).


Jaime said...

What a beautiful little angel...I especially love that sweet little bird sitting on her shoulder, sharing secrets.

So glad you are participating in December Views too!


deb did it said...

oh how beautiful she is, as well is your blog and photography! I am loving everyone's view of December. Hope you enjoy mine too!

robin bird said...

oh this is one of your cemetery photos.. i love her! with that little bird! i realize from your description of the Molokai cemetery that it would make for very different photographs ...those would also be beautiful in their simplicity.
how exciting to do the december views.. i cannot be that quiet. i ill watch you through the month it is a great way to get to know another blogger better i think.


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