Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December View #30

The SIXTH day of Christmas

Explaination and list of "December Views" participants here.

Image: a vase filled with green glass stars with Christmas lights in and around the glass.

Sidebar notation: I attended a memorial service this morning. Ramona J. Johnson passed away quite suddenly on the morning of Christmas Eve. That morning, she told her husband, Ray that she had had one of her best night's sleep. And then, she was gone. Just like that. I had just seen her four days prior to that.

My heart goes out to her husband Ray and to the rest of the family. Ramona and Ray were always together and where ever they were, there was lots of energy and laughter. When they looked at each other, their eyes always had a twinkle in it; as though they had a really juicy secret that only the two of them knew. Their committment to being invovled in their community is something that more people should do. Ramona's legacy is her incredible joy for life, her laughter and her contributions to our community here in Rio Rancho. A pretty good legacy, I say. I hope I do as well. Ramona is two years younger than I am. I'm 54.

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