Monday, December 29, 2008

December View #29

The FIFTH day of Christmas!

Explaination and list of "December Views" participants here.

A really old Chevy truck (looks like it's a thirty's something model) decked out for the Holidays at this really cool place on 4th St. in the north valley of Albuquerque called, "The Service Station". In their back lot are about 8 or more old Chevy pickup trucks. Not that I have a fondness for the old Chevy trucks (prior to 1952).


Leau said...

Beautiful! I took one of the sedan and loved it too. I have a little something for you over on my blog. smooches

laurel said...

I can't believe I am so far behind on my blog reading. Just now catching up on all your December Views. So many beautiful photographs you've taken. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

smith kaich jones said...

Wowie zowie!!!! How cool is that truck? There's a trucker here in town who parks his 18-wheeler cab in the front yard at Christmas time (I guess he's not on the road then), lights it up & puts a Santa behind the wheel. It always makes me feel happy & silly when I go by.

:) Debi


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