Thursday, November 20, 2008

TA DA!!! The Backsplash

Oh! The backsplash for the back of my cooktop has arrived!! This is the cherry on top of the cake of the kitchen remodel saga (blah, blah blah, huh?).

This woman's work is so astounding! Her name is Erica and I hope you connect to the link I listed here to at least read her story as to how she came into this medium.

Instead of having her do the mosaic work directly onto the wall, I asked her to make it as a hanging piece so that it would be treated as art (which it is).

What a lovely thing to look at, isn't it? If you're curious as to what kind of glass she uses, it's tempered glass that is broken. Now, that's what I call recycling!


laurel said...

Wow! That is beautiful.

bridgette said...

wow, that is really gorgeous. that's going to look amazing in your kitchen!

Nina said...

OMG! It's beautiful, Paula! I can't wait to see it in person!

Erica said...

Hi Paula and friends, Erica Hoverter here. . .I have to say, I am just blown away with your kind comments and am honored to be mentioned on your blog Miss Molokai girlie!


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