Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday

Ssssshhhhhh...(imagine this being said in Elmer Fudd's voice). Be very, very quiet! I'm hunting shadows!

My submission for Shadow Shot Sunday.

Truly, I've always hunted down shadows. I have images from 30 years ago to prove it! But, not this one. This one is fairly recent. I took a few shots of this image; this one is a bit more abstract than the others I took since the entire image is not in full view. I liked the mystery it evoked.

It's a fan (the kind that are on a stand) that is behind a shoji screen with the morning sun giving it it's silouette.

For some reason (I've yet to figure out why), the image conjures up to the days when all there was for entertainment was the radio. I wasn't born then, but I do know that families would gather around the radio to listen to the news and dramas that were acted out on the radio.

Anway, be sure to check out the others who've submitted to SSS (link via this post or the icon on the sidebar).

Happy shadow hunting!

1 comment:

Hey Harriet said...

Oh yes! I love these mysterious shadows. That's an awesome shot!

...ok, I'm shooshing now so you can hunt down more super shadow shots :)


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