Saturday, November 01, 2008

Dia De Bloglandia

The more I learn about the Mexican Festival of the Day of the Dead, the more I 'get it'. When I moved to the mainland from Hawaii, my first exposure to the festival was in Los Angeles in a store that specialized in selling wares related to Day of the Dead stuff. So, for the longest time, I thought of it as a commercial thing, much like Halloween is. That's the way I perceived of it for so many years.

Living in New Mexico has given me a closer exposure to it along with other connections to Mexico via a trip and by way of others who travel Oaxaca regularly. Over time, the layers build up of what the festival is all about.

As I am now past my mid-life marker, the list of those who have gone before me has grown considerably. Some of the anniversaries are tough to get through, such as the one for my mother. I've gone from being mildly fascinated by the Festival of the Dead to a full comprehension and embrace of what it is. It makes sense to me, to have one day out of the year to remember all that have gone before me. Celebrating all the anniversaries of their death is too much to do emotionally. Celebrating their lives on one day makes total sense to me. And thank you, Susanna for your heartfelt explanation of this celebration. It has connected ALL of the dots for me. And to Stephanie too who, together with Susanna, organized the Dia de Bloglandia event!

"El Vaquero" 16" x 20" mixed media created for South Broadway Cultural Center Annual Day of the Dead Exhibit (show opens on Nov. 2).

"Remembering". An ATC I did in 2007 for our October theme which we called "Spirits". She is someone from circa 1909-1918 from a stash of glass negatives that I have from a photography studio (not known as to which one it is) that was located on Gold St. in downtown Albuquerque. This is all of the image on that negative as it was one that experienced quite a bit of deterioration over the years.

"Requiem". Another ATC done in October 2005 (we dared to name that theme Day of the Dead).

To my Aunty Nila. My cousin Margie. My friend, Terry Price. My Grandmother, Emiliana. My Uncle Big Boy. My Aunty Trinining. My cousin Joanne. My Unlce Alfredo. My Uncle Pablo. My Uncle Ted. My dear friend, Ernie Drube. My friend, Theresa Oda. Her brother, Chris. Her sister, Damien. Her brother Gerard. Her mother, Jayne. My cousin, Jerry. My cousin, Arlene. My mother. The list goes on...I cannot recall all of the names at this moment in time. There are too many...

"Pie Jesu Dominie, dona eis requiem".

Gentle Lord Jesus, grant them rest.


glorv1 said...

Very nice comments. Thank you for sharing. Great paintings.

Quilted Cavalier said...

I love your artwork. Thank you for sharing in the Dia De Bloglandia!


julietk said...

Visiting for Dia de los muertos
enjoyed my visit,hugs Juliet

One Crabapple said...

I liked how you put it

too much emotionally , each individually
But one day to celebrate thier lives makes sense !


Your ATC's are wonderful.


Leau said...

Great piece, better in person!

LostLuggage said...

Very beautiful...and I love your Vaquero!!

Elizabeth said...

A wonderful post - thoughtful and heart-felt.
I loved your shadows below.
Tracy in Australia ( has been organizing a Shadow Shot Sunday thing which is great fun.
Want to join us?

Sacred Yoli said...

Thank you for sharing, your work is beautiful.
(I am on my bloglandia Journey)

Laume said...

It sounds like you and I have had a similar growing understanding of the holiday. I liked your comment - "like layers..." Exactly. Each year we understand the mysteries in a deeper and more intimate way.

I spent the heart of my teen years in Albuquerque. New Mexico has a very special place in my heart.

rochambeau said...

Dear Paula,
This is a beautiful post. Was the store you were referring to the Folk Tree in South Pasadena?
You are a talented artist!

Happy Dia de los Muertos!!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this! AND for being part of the Dia de Bloglandia celebration!


3rdEyeMuse said...

as I make my way through the party contributions, I find myself humbled by all the tenderness and heart that was put into everyones posts. I really like your "El Vaquero" a lot. :)

Happy Dia de los Muertos!

JeriAnn said...

Your art is quite wonderful. The spirit card in particular gave me goosebumps. A great tribute.

rachel whetzel said...

Thanks so much for the visit to my blog!! Yes, the skulls aren't real sugar. They are styrofoam, painted white, with chrystal glitter, and puff fabric paints!! lol My goodness, you look like my MOTHER when she was little!!

Marilyn said...

Paula, I loved reading about your experience with Day of the Dead and how it deepened for your over time. I enjoyed seeing your art also.
A lovely visit...thank you very much. Marilyn:)

Debbie said...

I was vaguely familiar with Dia de los Muertos, but it wasn't until participating in Dia de Bloglandia that I 'got it' too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the celebration along with your pictures.

Chris said...

Wow. Really gorgeous ATCs. Thanks for sharing them with us! My brother used to have a place on Molokai. He loves it there.

'A Tuscan view.....from Umbria' said...

Beautiful artwork and a lovely contribution to these celebrations. best wishes amanda

Paula Scott said...

Thanks to everyone for the nice comments!
Rochambeau, no it wasn't a store in Pasedena, but somewhere on Santa Monica Blvd. I believe. IT was such a long time ago!
Wow, Chris, now I wonder where it ws that your brother lived on Molokai and when.
Amanda...greetings to you in Tuscany (she said green with envy).

Du Buh Du Designs said...

I agree~this is a meaningful celebration that makes sense. Your post was well written and heartfelt and I just love that painting of the skeleton and flowers!

Mary said...

Dia de Bloglandia was the impetus I needed to start participating in Dia de los Muertos. I agree with you: there are just so many loved ones that have passed on. I couldn't handle incorporating them all into my first ofrenda. Thank you so much for your kind words, too. I love your art (I first wrote "heart"--a freudian slip, I guess). It's evident it comes from the heart.

paris parfait said...

Lovely art and great tribute to departed loved ones.


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