Wednesday, April 30, 2008

SPAM Happy

"Aunty Em, Aunty Em, I'm frightened!"

Oh yeah, this may be a bit disturbing for you to read (reader beware!)

It ain't art. Some folks say it's not even a food! But ah, I was so happy to find this today at the supermarket! I told you ,you might find this post distrubing to read!

A single serving of Spam Lite. That made me happy. Only if you are from Hawaii could you ever understand this. At least Anthony Bourdain kinda 'got it' (catch the episode he did on Hawaii on the Travel Channel).

Living here in New Mexico, I even succeeded at imparting my affection for this mysterious meat that is a salty, pink, pork concoction to my son. He loves Spam musubis!

I don't eat it very often; maybe several times a year. In Hawaii, we like to slice it up , fry it so that it has a caramelized crust and eat it with hot and sticky white rice with a side of catsup. That's the household version of serving it. There are many other dishes that Spam appears in out there in the islands. Too numerous to mention (now you're really frightened, huh?).

Anyway, finding a single portion of this in the Lite variety truly makes me chuckle and happy at the same time.

My new coined phrase? It makes me SPAM HAPPY!


bridgette said...

my dad ate spam all the time! he's from the Philippines, so that may explain it.

There's atrendy restaurant here in seattle that is hawaiian + filipino food and they had a spam entree.

i tagged you over at my blog. :)

Regina said...

And then there's Spam and baked beans, diced Spam and scrambled eggs, etc. Yep, I grew up on it too.

redredday said...

i remember having spam with plain rice and it was goood! :). recently, i discovered plain yogurt with plain rice from a Turkish friend and that is good too in a strange way.


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