Friday, March 14, 2008


This is a mixed media piece I just completed. Both images are photographs I had taken. The one of grandma was taken on print film (black and white Ilford film) on an old Nikon FE camera. It is probably the only picture I took of grandma since she didn't like the fuss that went with sitting for a pose. It was a candid shot as she sat at her kitchen table (any of my family members who had hung out in that kitchen hoping for some maruai-banana pancakes knows that it is a dimly lit kitchen). I took this picture in the late '70's.

The calla lilies are fakes; they were part of the wedding decoration for a friend's wedding a couple of years ago. I think they were pens with the flowers attached. I bunched them up like that and converted the color file to black and white and ran it through some Photoshop filters.

The images were then printed on a copy center printer (carbon base instead of inkjet) and then transferred on to the media board. From there, it was painted and texture was added, etc. Click on the image for a closer look of the textures that are there. What makes this image unique is that it is a merge of print film and digital where the time span between both images is about three decades!

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Leau said...

It's soo beautiful.


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