Thursday, December 06, 2007


Tagged… OK, Leighanna tagged me, so I’m rising to the occasion. Listing 8 things of anything is going to require some thought and commitment. For me, the process of thinking it out is a fluid one, so think of what I list here as a snapshot of how I feel about these things today. It’s a work in progress! 8 Passions in my life: My family Dance Visual Art Gardening Cooking Dining on food that is scrumptous Where I grew up (Molokai) Learning 8 Things to do before I die: Go to Oaxaca (at least once!) Visit all (or at least most) of the wine regions in Europe! Visit other parts of Polynesia I still want to learn hip hop… Take a fabulous trip somewhere with just my sister Take my brother Robert with me to visit France (Chartres Cathedral) See at least 10 major art museums in the world Take at least one major art workshop a year 8 things I often say: Babies won't die if you don't... Really? You don't say? Blah, blah, blah ,blah, blah, yada, yada, yada Interestingly enough... Talk about a disconnect... Is that so? I don't think so! (8a) No, John. I said, no!! (8b) (this one is in reference to my teenage son) 8 books I’ve read recently: The Secret of Rusty Things Photoshop CS2 Wow! Sacred Architecture Signs and Symbols Nikon D200 Digital Field Guide (now, isn’t that exciting?) Frieda’s Fiestas (for the umpteenth time) Spiritual Pilgrims 1,001 Symbols 8 Songs that mean something to me: Faure’s “Requiem” Durufle’s “Requiem” Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Pia Jesu” Beethoven’s 9th Symphony Everything written by Queen Liliokalani Everything done by “Izzy”; his musical arrangements are astounding, let alone his deliverance of instrumental and vocals “After Hours” by Rickie Lee Jones “Hallelujah” by Rufus Wainwright 8 Qualities I look for in a friend: Honesty A really good sense of humor (I welcome the warped and irreverent) Positive attitude Joy of life Connected to humanity, connected to self Compassion Creative Common grounds 8 people I will pass this on to: Leau Regina Laurie Judith Allison Chami Louise Raesha

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redredday said...

hi Paula! interesting 8 things of things and things. all very revealing of what a cool person you are. :). funny about how you often say no to your son. poor kid. ;). i want to check out some of those songs and books you mentioned.


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