Monday, December 03, 2007


Inspire Me Thursday's challenge (yes, I know today is Monday, but it runs from Thrusday to Thursday!) is PARADOX.
The image of the monarch is a symbol of life, more so, of transformation and the afterlife or rebirth. It's really one of the most abstract concepts to wrap your head around, this belief of life after death...that in itself seems like a paradox. In looking at this monarch, you see what it represents because its sybolism is so universally prevalent. But, this one is a dead one. Yet, I still see what it represents as a symbol. That is my paradox.
Interestingly enough, in researching this as a symbol, I also discovered that "mariposa" (the Spanish word for butterfly in Latin America) is also a reference to a prostitute; moving from one man to another. Interesting...gads! We have a very high end art gallery in town named, "Mariposa". I wonder if they know?
My second image and paradox I put forth is a close up of what I know to be 'slag glass'. Big chunks of glass that seem to have a life of thier own. It is hard to believe that even in the state that we see it that it is not truly in a solid state. I like to think of it as liquid glass. The science jury is still out on the fence on this one, but how else does a window pane get thicker over time at the bottom? Yep. Solid glass. That's a paradox.


just me - titration said...

paradox and life after death... you aren't playing around are you? :) I like the living glass thing... interesting. Good stuff.

laurel said...

I love your thoughts. I'm also very partial to butterflies.

&rew said...

Love that butterfly photo - normally, I am not crazy about butterfly photos, but yours is different! Thank you for posting it.


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