Sunday, December 23, 2007

It looks a lot like...

When you think about it, it does seem a bit quirky that so many people participate in this religious holiday called Christmas. In the ever consuming behavior of playing it safe, many are afraid to wish someone a "Merry Christmas" as it seems to have become un-PC. It didn't seem to matter for so many decades, but for some reason it seems to have become vogue to purposefully not make any refernences to the fact that it is a Christian celebration. Give me a break! Can you imagine listening to all those Christmas songs that are played everywhere? Insert the word "holiday" for each time the word is "Christmas". Cue in Bing's crooning voice with, "It's beginning to look a lot like holiday...". doesn't work, does it? Here's another one: "Oh holiday tree, oh holiday tree..." Or, "Holiday time is coming soon, now you dear old man (Jolly Old St. Nickolas). Oh yeah, and don't forget that Santa really represents a saint!
Gads! It's absurd!
Anyway, glad tidings to all of you out there. For those of you who celebrate Christmas, may you find joy in the celebration of this season of light. And may all of you find this next year full of blessings beyond your wildest dreams...
And remember, "Holiday" really means "Holy Day"! Ho, ho, ho, Happy Holiday! ; )

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bridgette said...

Merry Christmas Paula! HOpe you have a wonderful holy day. :)


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