Wednesday, December 19, 2007


This week's IMT prompt is the spirit of giving. I've been a mail art participant on again, off again for at least a decade. I love sending it, I love getting it. Of friend of mine Judith, recently commented that she has discovered the thrill of mail art and that reminded me to get back in the loop on that one again. This image is a 4 x 6 canvas postcard. I gessoed it with gold, then experimented with melting metallic crayons on it. I hated the way it looked and set it aside for many months. Then, with the recent motive for creating mail art, I rediscovered the abandoned canvas and decided to continue on. I added some transfers done on fabric pattern paper of the rose bud and leaves. The rest of the tidbits literally came off of the top of my desk (a pack rats paradise indeed). Acrylic paint was added, some walnut ink, and some glitter. I tried out Martha Stewart's decoupage medium which is absolutely fabulous! I got it at Michael's Craft Store. I may never go back to Modge Podge again! So, this peice will be going off in the mail to __________ (an unnamed person in case she reads this blog!). This spirit of giving thing is a bit of a paradox for me because I think I get more out of the giving than the recipient!


Deb G said...

Love the colors.

eslina said...

Beautiful collage. Love the enhancement made by the glittery stars.

Laura Scarlett said...

Ooh it is such a great effect. Very inspiring - thank you for sharing this.

titration said...

What a fantastic idea, mail art. Could you say more? Is it an official thing or is it something you thought up? Are there criteria? May be a fun IMT idea. :) Besides all these thoughts fluttering in my head I think this piece feels warm and receiving. Perfect for a gift!

Barbara Hagerty said...

What a gorgeous piece! I love creating fabric and collaged postcards! E-mail me if you are interested in swapping!


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