Saturday, August 25, 2007

Texture Hunt

One of my MANY obsessions by way of capturing images via photography is the quest for textures and patterns. It seems that this desire (in search of textures) is insatiable. No matter. I think it causes no one any harm!
So, these images are from Moloka'i this past summer. I was with my brother, my son and his friend as my son was fufilling his quest for extreme fishing along the coast.
Me? I wander around like the eccentric I am with my camera looking for objects that catch my fancy.
Just so you have a reference point, I posted an image of the coastal area that we were at. I found this burnt out race car (what the heck is that doing on Moloka'i, let alone there of all places?). It seems to have been abondoned quite some time ago. Anyway, it had a lot of rust, deterioration and texture happening. The last shot is a close up of some mighty fine rust.
Sigh...what a nut case to find something like this to be so euphoric!

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