Friday, August 10, 2007

August ATC

Here's my August submission for our ATC group. The suggested theme was "music lyrics". I chose "Blackbird" by the Beatles.
Three stamps were handcarved and the wings were just a hand drawn stencil I made. The feather texture on the wings was done by going out into my backyard and looking for bird feathers in the lawn under our giant fruitless mulberry tree that the birds like to roost in. The feather image was imprinted into that blue foam construction material that takes an image after its been heated and that was used as my texture "stamp".
I've always loved this song and when it's running in an endless loop inside my head, I don't mind. I have a deep respect not just for song writiers, but for the artists that write the lyrics for the song; both have to suit the other and carry the message effectively. I love the deceivingly simple melody of this song and the unfettered arrangement of guitar and voice. So simple; a soft sound with a strong message.


Raine K said...

Hey Evil Twin Sister!
I did a "Blackbird" series for an online musical ATC swap many moons ago. Yours are much better than mine were!

bridgette said...

these are wonderful paula. I love that song. I used to play it over and over and over... :)

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments on my blog. Actually I wanted to tell you that your comment that you had left me on my painting "a little bird told me" actually inspired the more recent painting "sense of each other".

Thank you!!!! Your presence is like a gift to me. I don't know any other way to put it.

Sandy said...

Oh wonderful. Fabulous idea. Excellent work.

Linda said...

Hi Paula, I was very happy to hear that my little black bird reminded you to post yours. I'm so glad you did. They are wonderful.


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