Wednesday, June 27, 2007

From My Garden

Went out into the garden tonight to do some last minute weeding before I take off for home (Hawaii) on Friday. So peaceful in spite of the heat. The smell of the purple sage bush (no, it's not a little plant, but a bush that comes back every year), my french lavendar...the wet lawn. There is much pleasure in the simple task of pulling weeds and dead heading the roses (that's cutting off the dead flower heads so that the plant's growth energy can focus on new blooms). Aromatherapy for the senses and the chattering of the birds. I guess you would call that audiotherapy?
If you listen closely, you can hear the wings of the bumble bee as it flies from flower to flower.
It certainly is a wonderful way to clear my head after a crazy day at the office!
For those of you who will be in town next week, be sure to check out the lavendar festival in the Village of Los Ranchos.

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