Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Contemplative Girl...

I love this image yet I know very little about it. It is a glass negative I purchased from an epherma collector (Laura's up in El Dorado). She had aquired a large number of glass negatives. All I know is that they are from a photographer based in Albuquerque during what might be early 20th century. I imagine that most of the negatives were considered to be 'rejects' by the photographer. As you look through the pile of images (Robbie and I sat on the floor sorting through it all for several hours), you can't help but wonder who these people are, what happened to them and the story behind the photograph.
Anyway, Robbie and I did a pretty good job of reducing her inventory that day.
My fantasy is to curate a show on these images. I hope to include as many people as I can that bought these negatives from her. It would be fascinating to see what each artist has done with these images...

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