Saturday, November 12, 2016

Wood Nymphs Live Here

Well, it would seem as though wood nymphs live here at the bottom of this tree amongst all that moss. That's what I'd like to think.

Maybe I should've knocked at their door to see if anyone was home.

Out for a morning walk...

Join us as a group of us (yes-there are many of us!) from around the world post our shadow shots over at Shadow Shot Sunday 2. Entertain your muse and be amused by stopping by to see what others have posted!


colleen said...

The first shot is very provocative and the second one makes me think of a competition: which is longer?

Ralph said...

I wouldn't knock on the tree - they might be sleeping...the road is barely longer than your shadow!

Norma Ruttan said...

wow, that's one looong shadow! I love the shot of the wood nymphs' home! Seeing the moss, I want to rub my hand across it.

namaki said...

Great shadow shot !

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

What? You didn't knock at the door? For shame! LOL


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