Thursday, December 10, 2015

12 Days of Mary: Day 10

Mary and Jesus at St. Damien Catholic Church, Molokai, HI

She knew the sorrow she would have to bear in losing her son in the years to come. Any loving mother would find this to beyond their ability to bear. She is my inspiration, my advocate, my Mother.

About the 12 Days of Mary: Everyone is invited. While this is not about religion, it is about sharing, opening hearts, rejoicing in ultimate mother love.
It is about light, compassion, inspiration, and the sweet chance to begin each day together in beauty and peace.

Some will write amazing words of inspiration and prayer. Others tell a story. Often, the image alone conveys the message and that is enough.

Come see what others have shared over at Rebecca's page. Feel free to join in with us whether if it's for one day or all 12!
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