Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Expect The Beginning

The following is taken from a book I had been reading for the past few weeks and it is a reflection written by a Sr. Pat Kozak. It really is such a simple, truthful and beautiful message that is oh so universal. It also seemed a befitting message to end the year with and to greet the new one with.

"New Year's Eve. Another year gone.
And while there is often a sense of gratitude for the good things a year has held, this last day of the year often brings a twinge, a remembrance of loss, or failure, the death of a loved one, a sense of something not finished. Some piece of the year still pulls on our hearts.
Perhaps at every ending we are offered an invitation: to look for a beginning. To even expect it. Perhaps we should look for opportunities to start fresh, to forgive or be forgiven, to lean a new behavior or  unlearn one that keeps us trapped in the small or the hurtful-to see with new eyes a person, a sunset or a need before us.
Today, look around you, down your street and out over the world. Yes, it's true: the "unfinished-ness" of the past year is still there. It does not suddenly disappear. Yet here in this same neighborhood is the presence of God (or, if you don't believe in God, then perhaps you can at least go with the presence of goodness within humanity)-as it was in the beginning and will be tomorrow-bringing with it the hope of new beginnings. In this New Year, may we each see this glory with our own eyes."

For auld lang sine...Happy New Year, everyone!


Sylvia K said...

A wise and beautiful message to begin the new year!! Thanks for sharing, Paula! Have a lovely day and a beautiful new year!!


Norma Ruttan said...

indeed, words to be savored and pondered! thank you for sharing them.

Hettienne said...

Your photograph really captures the words of the post - the Christmas decorations of Christmas past reflected back at us on the eve of the New Year! magical! may we always have the courage to allow the new!

Oman said...

Have a happy new year from my country, the Philippines, to yours. :)


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