Monday, December 02, 2013

"A Virgin A Day": Day 2 And Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine, Joe Spado

Sad news came my way today. A blogger friend of mine and many, quietly passed away this morning. Gone too soon, Joe Spado. How you managed to touch so many lives in such a wonderful way. I know you've touched mine. I feel so honored to not only have had you as a blogger friend, but as a friend beyond the blogging world and I am so glad I got to meet you.

I did find out via another blogger-I know many of us along with Joe's family and friends are reeling from grief over his departure. In the processing of the truth and the emotions, it feels almost like fighting an out of body experience as you muster up supreme effort to get through the day's tasks. Driving off to the gym this evening for my group exercise class almost felt like a falsehood of sorts, but I knew I still needed to go, to carry on with the business of living and staying in touch of what it is to be alive.

And wasn't it just yesterday or the day before that I was looking at the dreamcatcher that Joe made for me? It was. Joe had making dreamcatchers down pat like no other-and they were all different and authentic (visit his site via the link through on his name to see his latest dream catcher creations). I had wondered how you were doing, Joe. I had no idea that you were about to leave us. But, you sir, were an exemplary human being. You will be sorely missed-your weekly haikus, and this, our annual 12 Days of Mary. 

Truly, an exemplary human being. The world became a better place because of you. Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine!

As human beings, we all turn to examples of what we are trying to model our behavior after. It serves as a reminder to keep trying. It serves as inspiration. Most importantly, perhaps, is that it serves as an example to follow (as best we can).

It's not about idolatry worship-nothing could be further from the truth. It's about recognition and honoring the role that this incredible woman was chosen for.

An annual tradition for a group of us (hosted by the amazing Rebecca Brooks) is to post something about our Blessed Mother for 12 days-starting with December 1st and concluding on the Feast Day of Our Lady Of Guadalupe on Dec. 12th. I will admit, that for all of us, our lives are busy lives; particularly as we head into the Holiday Season. This kind of commitment is not as easy to do as one would think! However, it is not an exclusive group. You may join in just for one day, partial, or all!

And, by all means, please be sure to stop by and visit a few others who are on this 12 day journey.


rebecca said...

dear paula,
i met joe just after he passed through your town, he spoke so fondly of you and the time you shared. because i have spent the last several hours pouring over his blog post by post i can tell you that we all met in feb. of 2011.
yet you know that we have all been meeting long before to haiku on fridays and share the twelve days of mary. joe had the amazing ability to make everyone his friend. he had a way of telling the greatest stories and helping you see something that held deeper meaning that seemed shared just for you; everyone felt it. he was a giver, a lover and a man of truth; encouraging of peace. i have to say the world is warmer, stronger and more beautiful because he walked here among us. the other world, that waits for us all, seems some how kinder too.


Gillena Cox said...

condolences on the passing of your friend Paula

thanks for stopping over at my blog

much love...

Priti.Lisa said...

This post is so perfect Paula...thank you for sharing your story, it connects us all. ♥♥

Redondowriter said...

I didn't see your name when I shut down the computer on day 2 but now I see your heartfelt story about Joe. I never met him but always enjoyed his posts. Your dreamcatcher will forever remind you of a man who graced your life.

MeOfCourse said...

Thanks Paula for the sharing of your story. Ah the dreamcatcher will always remind you of Joe.


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