Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"A Virgin A Day": Day 11 Mary's Love of God

My stovetop Lady of Guadalupe

I keep a votive candle on my cooktop range. Plenty of room for it with 5 burners and I feel like it's a safe place for a candle should I forget to extinguish it since it sits on metal. A practical added bonus is that when your kitchen accumulates too many food smells, burning a candle helps to eliminate the odors.

The other, more spiritual aspect of the candle is that it reminds me to think of things that I easily loose sight of in getting caught up with daily tasks. It reminds me to stop and think about others. Say a few prayers while I'm preparing a meal. It's a visual cue. I need those reminders and cues as I know I can't remember everything!

Mary's  Crown

Bachelor's button are Mary's Crown. Although I am not certain as I have nothing to document this with, I believe you would see the use of this during the month of May. These are very easy to grow and do not take up much space if you are thinking about starting your own Mary's Garden.

Mary's Love of God

The flower that is designated as Mary's Love of God is the carnation. These flowers are said to have bloomed at Christ's Nativity, according to a German legend. 

As human beings, we all turn to examples of what we are trying to model our behavior after. It serves as a reminder to keep trying. It serves as inspiration. Most importantly, perhaps, is that it serves as an example to follow (as best we can).

It's not about idolatry worship-nothing could be further from the truth. It's about recognition and honoring the role that this incredible woman was chosen for.

An annual tradition for a group of us (hosted by the amazing Rebecca Brooks) is to post something about our Blessed Mother for 12 days-starting with December 1st and concluding on the Feast Day of Our Lady Of Guadalupe on Dec. 12th. I will admit, that for all of us, our lives are busy lives; particularly as we head into the Holiday Season. This kind of commitment is not as easy to do as one would think! However, it is not an exclusive group. You may join in just for one day, partial, or all!

And, by all means, please be sure to stop by and visit a few others who are on this 12 day journey.


Norma Ruttan said...

I like your idea of a candle on your stove top; I may have to take that on myself. Lovely flowers to brighten us on such a cold day!

Jill said...

I love to have a candle burning for a prayer intention, the visual reminder like you said, is needed! On, yes!

Redondowriter said...

That's a great idea to put your seven day candle at your cooktop--where you probably spend a lot of time. I keep mine in the bedroom inside a large blue glass candle holder from the religious articles store. Since we are in earthquake country, however, I don't like to keep it lit when I'm not in the room. You just never know.

Lea said...

I so miss the ritual of lighting a real candle in the house... I do light them outside in the garden now. I am glad that you have come up with a way to have your candle safely lit! And I love the lore on the flowers. I could see a crown indeed made with these. Thank you!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Mary of the Cooktop, bless the hands that prepare food--as well as those that wash the dishes! Amen!


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