Saturday, August 24, 2013

'Tis a Gift To Be Simple

"Blue Farm Dress" © Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

One of my aunts had a wringer washing machine when I was growing up-the rest of us in the family had regular washing machines. Aunty Trining had the wringer style-of which, I was fascinated with the fact that you had to feed each piece of clothing through the wringer before you could hang them up to dry on the clothes line. No fabric softener in those days either, so when that laundry came down off the line, the jeans could've walked off on their own! Those were the days, weren't they?

Life was so much simpler then (or so it seemed). No, it was. It was simpler.There wasn't that much to choose from by way of restaurants, menu items, clothing to wear, what soaps to buy, what kind of car to drive, or what kinds of food to buy at the grocery store. Such a contrast to life in this era-perhaps we do have too many choices. No wonder why so many of us are stressed. 

It seems like such a paradox-back then we had less 'time saving' things, yet we seemed to have more time than we do now when there are so many things and devices (and we all have a lot of things) to save our time. Today we sleep less and dream less. We all need to just knock some of that craziness out of our lives and slow down. We do need to dream more.

I'll keep repeating this 'mantra' of sorts too-much like that little guy in Dr. Suess' story of "Horton Hears  Who". That little voice that keeps on trying to be heard.

Funny. When I sat down to do this post, I had no idea what I was going to write-but the image prompted me and took me back to when life seemed to be so much more simpler than it is now.

'Tis a gift to be simple. 

I'll keep working on that. 

How about you?

And, here's to sweet dreams!

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Sylvia K said...

Your post does take me back to simpler days, Paula!! How fun! and great shadows, too! Have a beautiful weekend!!

Ralph said...

The simpler days of yore are long gone - in today's consumer world where acquisition is so easy, nothing of value seems made to last. Back then, quality apparel such as this was made to last...wish it were so today. Although, long hair and wringer washing machines seem not meant for each other, keeping ones hair pinned up was a safety must do...the only advantage of a modern washing machine :)

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Ummm....are you speaking from experience, Ralph?
: )

Catherine said...

beautiful for all its simplicity indeed!

namaki said...

Simple is often the most beautiful !

robin. said...

what a beautiful photo Paula and thanks for your thoughts today. today is the way of fast and easy. simple is always a winner in my book. never stop trying to achieve it!!!

blogitse said...

Those were the days :)
Now babies are playing with their parents iPhones... :)

Leovi said...

This picture is as good poem, very nice!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Love the touch of colour in this photo. It has an enchantment. And love your thoughts. I am working on ensuring that I have more time to enjoy the things I love. Weekends are for photographs and writing. All else takes a back seat. And it feels good.

Norma Ruttan said...

I get nostalgic looking at photos like this one. I pine for those days, when most of my mom's siblings' families lived within a few minutes of each other. It definitely was a simpler time.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

It may also be a gift to be sinful! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)


Ann Hart Marquis said...

Paula, your post is so appropriate to my life. I do a pretty good job of finding time to be quiet during the day, but I have to make a conscious effort to do it. And I don't dream enough. I do wish I would dream more.


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