Monday, May 27, 2013

We Remember and We Celebrate Our Heroes

I find that there aren't enough words of gratitude that I can convey to all those who have served our country so that we are able to enjoy the freedom that we do. It seems like such a steep price-which is why I am at lost for words. All I can say is,


(about the image: back in late April, the local iris Society planted a row of iris' in our Veteran's Park as a thank you and tribute to our Vets. They only expected one of the plants to bloom but in fact, two had. This is one of the two that had bloomed and the name of this Iris is, "Call to Cadence".)



I'm having a difficult time finding you this morning....your link left with your comment directed me to telling me that your blog isn't listed. So I did a Google Search. Found you!! LOL

This image can't be more perfect in my opinion!! Well done.

Patti said...

Beautiful photo! I also took a photo of iris planted along a city street.

I was going for a beauty of nature contrasted with urban blight type of photo.

I'll have to post it soon!

Patti said...

P.S. I took the photo on Memorial Day on the way to the parade in Derby, Ct. ...far far away from where you are!!



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