Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Rio Rancho Public Schools 'Rising Stars' Senior Art Show 2013

Up until 4 years ago, the Rio Rancho Senior (high school seniors) Art Show was held on campus-making it nearly impossible for the public at large to see the exhibit unless they happened to be at the Rio Rancho High School Campus for an event at the Performing Arts Center (which is where they used to hang their show).
I thought this was such a shame that we (the public) could not easily see this annual show without some degree of difficulty. I also thought that is was a shame that Rio Rancho did not have even an art gallery to hold this exhibit at, but decided that I would make it my mission to 1) provide a venue that the work could be seen by the public and 2) find a permanent home for this art show.
For sure, I've conquered item number one on that list-we started off at the Inn at Rio Rancho 4 years ago and held it there for 2 years. Last year, we got it moved over to the Rio Rancho City Hall and I think I couldn't be happier if this did indeed become the permanent home for this annual show.
I hope you join us this year at this event-we now have 3 of the 4 high schools participating in this show (we'll get Independence High on board next year-I hope). The reception for this show will be Friday, April 26th from 5-7 pm. Mayor Tom Swisstack will be presenting the awards at 6 pm. The Rio Rancho Art Association is one of the two sponsors for the cash award prizes.You can find out more about this show here.
I will also say that I make it a point to buy at least one piece of artwork from this show. And, you can too! However, be warned-if you see something you like that is for sale, jump on it right away-as I might just beat you to it.
Here are some of the pieces that are in my student artwork collection that I am proud to own:

This last piece, the still life you see above, was purchased at the 2012 Sandoval CountyYouth Art Show which was held for the first time in November, 2012. At this show, all students from all grades throughout the Sandoval County were invited to participate in this event-including the performing arts students.
Stay tuned as it will be an annual event held in November. It should prove to be even bigger and more exciting than last year's event!

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