Saturday, March 30, 2013

Blessed Be...

'Baby bunny' almost looks real, doesn't it? 

Such sweet slumber...I saved this one for Easter, of course.

It's a porcelain Anne Geddes doll.

I took this image with my cell phone even though it is in my home-it was convenient and I like the Retro camera ap in my cell phone. I also like the unintended chiaroscuro effect that I ended up with.

I was reading up on the tradition and history of the Easter egg on Wikipedia and was completely fascinated with the rich history it has (not to mention that egg decorating dates back at least 60,000 years):

"In the Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches, Easter eggs are dyed red to represent the blood of Christ, shed on the Cross, and the hard shell of the egg symbolized the sealed Tomb of Christ — the cracking of which symbolized his resurrection from the dead. Easter eggs areblessed by the priest at the end of the Paschal Vigil (which is equivalent to Holy Saturday), and distributed to the faithful. Each household also brings an Easter basket to church, filled not only with Easter eggs but also with other Paschal foods such as paskha, kulich or Easter breads, and these are blessed by the priest as well.[citation needed]. The egg is seen by followers of Christianity as a symbol of resurrection: while being dormant it contains a new life sealed within it.[citation needed]Similarly, in the Roman Catholic Church in Poland, the so-called święconka, i.e. blessing of decorative baskets with a sampling of Easter eggs and other symbolic foods, is one of the most enduring and beloved Polish traditions on Holy Saturday."

You can read the rest of the article on Wikipedia here.

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Sylvia K said...

What an interesting post for the day, Paula!! Love the history! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a beautiful and very Happy Easter!!

Ralph said...

Yes, the baby looks real, a sleeping cherub that dons the outfit chosen by the loving parent - and sleeps peacefully. Art and life imitate each other beautifully here...I hadn't known about the egg this way. It is a remarkable.We think of an egg as being so fragile, yet because of the death and resurrection, it is so stromg instead.

He lives! Have a blessed and happy Easter!

MyMaracas said...

OMG ... I thought that WAS a real baby! LOL

Great shot, and thanks for the fascinating info, too. Happy Easter!

Dixie said...

absolute sweetness...

robin. said...

those baby dolls are amazingly real the bunny ears. thanks for sharing about the egg tradition...always love reading new things. Happy Easter!!!! said...

Wonderful post and beautiful shadow shot ~ adorable ^_^

blogitse said...

What a cute little one...
Anne is so talented!
Happy Easter!

Chubskulit Rose said...

The cutest bunny I have ever seen!

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