Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jogtrotting Jingos Juxtaposed on a Junk

ABC Wednesday is a word meme with participants from around the world. This fabulous meme was created and hosted by Mrs. Denise Nesbitt who hails from Great Britain. Over time, others have joined in to help host this wonderful and informative meme. We are now in our ELEVENTH round with 'Captain Roger' at the helm! Some of the participants have been with this from the very first round; others have joined in along the way. Each week we are taken across the globe to see the varied and exciting contributions people have taken the time to discover and capture. We start with the letter, "A" and each week we post something in regards to the next letter of the alphabet. This week's letter is, "J".


 (image from Wikipedia)

Definition also from Wikipedia: "Jog trot, as seen in western horses, is a slow, relaxed trot lacking the suspension of a working trot and with shorter strides. It is easy to ride because there is less "bounce". The head of the horse is carried low while the hindquarters are engaged and underneath the horse, and there is less impulsion than in a dressage-style collected trot."

Gosh, I never knew. How much smoother the ride would've been had we taught our horses how to jog trot!


(image from Smithsonian)

jin·go[jing-goh] Show IPA noun, plural jin·goes, adjective noun

a person who professes his or her patriotism loudly and excessively, favoring vigilant preparedness for war and an aggressive foreign policy; bellicose chauvinist.
According to an article from the Smithsonian, when it seemed inevitable that the U.S. would become involved in World War I, the Anti-'Preparedness' committee used the stegosaurus as the mascot along with a slogan to go with it: “All Armor Plate – No Brains” beneath it as a jab at those who preferred trench warfare to diplomacy.
Too bad the world has one too many jingos. WWI was such a brutal, cruel war on so many levels. That's all I'm going to say here-I'm not trying to be political at all. I just thought that this was such an interesting word-stumbling upon it. It's one of those words that when you listen to how it sounds when being said and then discover what it means, your senses are jarred. At least, mine were.


(image from Wikipedia)

Pretty cool with what Wikipedia has to say about the Chineses junk ships: 

"Junks were efficient and sturdy ships that sailed long distances as early as the 2nd century AD. They incorporated numerous technical advances in sail plan and hull designs that were later adopted in Western shipbuilding.
The historian H. Warington Smyth considered the junk one of the most efficient ship designs, stating that "As an engine for carrying man and his commerce upon the high and stormy seas as well as on the vast inland waterways, it is doubtful if any class of vessel… is more suited or better adapted to its purpose than the Chinese or Indian junk, and it is certain that for flatness of sail and handiness, the Chinese rig is unsurpassed."

Did you know that the junk ship was one of the most efficiently designed ships? I didn't!



Place or deal with close together for contrasting effect: "black-and-white photos were juxtaposed with color images".

In the case of this image, the hard, broken glass juxtaposed against the lace curtain is most certainly a contradiction.


photowannabe said...

Wow, Paula.
What an edgy post.
Fascinating but it does Jangle the senses a bit.
I always love seeing what you post for ABC Wednesday.

Roger Owen Green said...

Yes, jingoism is alive and well today...
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Ann said...

Jingo--a new word for me. I love the word juxtapose, contrast is a wonderful thing.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

A great J post for ABC Wednesday, I have not even written it yet.

Reader Wil said...

Wow Paula, you are so good and you take the time to write an interesting post every week. I think I am an anti jingo!
Wil, ABC Team.

Sylvia K said...

The others have said it! You are good at this, Paula! Another great collection of words for the letter of the day! And, OH, YES! JINGOISM is most definitely all too well these days!!! Enjoy the rest of your week!!

Photo Cache said...

JOB well done.

Visit my J here

Meryl said...

Great post. Jingo!!...new word for me and I know plenty of people (for better and worse) who fit it! Thanks and have a great week.

Tito Eric said...

I learned something new today :) Many thanks for sharing!

Cheers ... visiting from ABC Wednesday!

Here's mine:

Joy said...

How interesting that the junk is the perfect boat, no wonder they are still used. I always associate jingo with the the song "we don't want to fight but by jingo if we do" etc but have never thought how we ended up with the word jingoism, which unfortunately did not end with with ww1.

Carver said...

You did a great job with J. I love the words and shots you came up with. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

chubskulit said...

The junk photo reminds me of one movie I recently watched.

Juice in Jars
Your comment always bring joy to me, so leave me one when you can.

Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

Kay L. Davies said...

You're always so good at getting multiple words for a letter, Paula. I suspect you enjoy doing it, too. LOL

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Paula, I especially appreciated your including "jingo." It needs to come back into the everyday lexicon, especially in America, where everyone wants to shoot first and then call a press conference... Thanks for the excellent pix, too... Peace, Amy

A Cuban In London said...

I love this meme, especially as I'm very keen on languages.

And you don't have to be political at all. I agree with your feelings about war in general.

Greetings from London.

Mama Pajama said...

great post! I'm new to ABC Wednesday, but I'm making the rounds ; )


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