Sunday, August 12, 2012

What Do I Celebrate?

I took a short walk this morning at a nearby beach called Papohaku. It's one of the longest beaches in Hawaii-about 2 miles. Most of the year, the water is treacherous to swim. This time of year, it isn't so bad, but I think it still has a strong current. Many have underestimated the power of the currents at this beach. The paradox is that it IS so beautiful and inviting. But, to accept that invitation can come a steep price.

Me? I've never gone in the water at this beach-being a lousy swimmer (yet another paradox), I figure I've no business trying to conquer this.

So, this was my morning treat.

Pretty lucious.

Pretty special.

But, I will say that the kinds of things that really 'float my boat', so to speak, is stuff like this:

This is what was at my feet as I shot that lovely panoramic view.

It' about texture.

It's about pattern.

But, most of all, it's about the mundane.

And, to answer the question posed in the tiltle of this post-I celebrate the mundane.


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