Saturday, February 04, 2012

Knock, Knock, Knocking At Your Front Door

A 'handy' knocker, for sure...

"Knock, knock".

"Who's there?"


"Handy who?"

"Handy ________ "

...OK, now YOU get to fill in the blank and finish the joke (leave it in the comment section).

More hands. More shadows. It's Shadow Shot Sunday here in blog land. Did you expect anything else?

Catch the other shadows shot sleuths at the link provided below.

"Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see." (Martin Luther King)

Every week, a group of us from around the world post our shadow shots over at Shadow Shot Sunday 2. Entertain your muse and be amused by stopping by to see what others have posted! You can view all of my 2011 Shadow Shot Sunday images on my Flickr account. Click here to view them.


sarayutouched said...

"handy (hand me) a cup of coffee please" no? not what you had in mind? love the door on which handy is fixed too!! and your second shot is beautiful with how the sun is hitting it.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, yes, you can "hand" me a cup of coffee, too! What great shadow shots for the day, Paula, as always! Hope you have lots of sun for the weekend! Enjoy!


Kelly said...

My mind went blank! I like the coffee idea, though. Make mine a tea, please. :)

I like your shots today, especially the top one. Door knockers are fun!

Annie said...

I always like these hand knockers. They are the ultimate welcome mat, IMHO.

Anne said...

I love the hands .... but I can't think of a joke!
(when my son was little, his favourite was
mac who?
he laughed every time he told it!!)

Doru said...

Hand me a smile!
Great compositions!
Thank you!

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Very nice compositions and textures.

Regards and best wishes

Cassie said...

Really liking your handy ShadowShots! I am big into texture and the feel of brass or bronze. I love to touch a hand turned piece of wood. Ahhhhh. Now as far as that knock knock joke...neither the hubby nor myself could give it a good ending. I hope you finish it for us. Happy SSS.


"Handy dandy handy a handful of candy"? You got me on that knock knock joke.

But, love the shadow the knocker creates.

My Sunday Shadows Link: MISTY MORNING

I do hope to see you stop by for a visit if you can find time. Have a great Sunday.

Patti said...

Handy man...would be just dandy.

First thing that came to my mind. We need one (a handyman) around here.

The hands are quite interesting.

Sorry I can't come up with a knock, knock jokW!

Patti said...

~ that would be joke!

finger slippage

John McElveen said...

Gotta Hand it to you--this is a winner,



Ralph said...

Handy the keys? I assume the person at the knocker wants to be invited in, is rebuffed and after additional consternation, asks nicely for the keys. Alas, my scenario has a flaw: by opening the door, the knocker may now enter (minus the keys.

Unless the door was chained so it could be opened enough to pass the keys outside, But how could the door be opened with the chain there...

Oh well, it is a beautiful piece of brass door hardware!

(word verification is 'keyhoot')

sarayutouched said...

hey...did you happen to see the bench a posted??

it's definitely your bench's twin.

Antonella said...

Love it! I want to knock on the door - the textures are so contradictory and intriguing!
Hugs, antonella :-)
I've linked up this week and have a free printable too!

Gemma Wiseman said...

The knocker and the hands are delightful! And such lovely shadows round them!

I included this quote on the SSS2 list and connected it to your previous "Little Things" shadow post including it.

BLOGitse said...

Handy...this is a great idea but very difficult. Handy priest? :)

chubskulit said...

Love that second shot Paula!

Thanks for joining SS2!

Brass Kettle Shadow.

Have a blessed Sunday!
Rose, SS2 Team

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

"handys broke that's why I'm using the knocker."

Ha...that's pitiful...your photos great tho!

Costin Comba said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks you for share with us. Have a nice week. Greetings from Romania.


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