Thursday, January 26, 2012

For Rebecca

This is for you, my dear, sweet Rebecca.
May all the guardian angels watch over and guide you and keep you safe from all harm.

And, I found this lovely haiku that Joe Spado wrote for you 
(I don't think he'll mind my putting it here):
Prayers rise from ashes
Pure healing thoughts sent your way
Sweet smudge aroma

Many healing thoughts and prayers are being sent your way (for others reading this, I hope you'll join me).


1 comment:

rebecca said...

dear sweet paula,
i am so taken with each offering of light and beauty...encouraging me to rise above my challenges.
this has been an incredibly difficult time and i know i could never do this alone. thank you for such beauty and your compassionate prayers.
i am working so hard at returning to life, certainly your love brightens the way.


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