Thursday, December 01, 2011

Hail, Mary!!! The 12 Days of Mary...Day 1

"it's not about religion, it is about sharing"

 (Blessed Virgin Mary-on the front of the altar at Nativity Church on Alameda St.)

Graceful Mary, who is with our Lord.

Each day, from Dec. 1-12th, a group of us from around the world will post something in regards to the Virgin Mary. Rebecca Brooks is our most gracious and inspirational hostess. From Rebecca comes this invitation:

today marks the first day of december
begining twelve days of mornings with mary.
everyone is invited. 
while this is not about religion, it is about sharing,
about opening hearts, rejoicing in ultimate mother love.
it is about  light, beauty, inspiration, thoughtful regard.
a welcome chance to begin each new day together
in beauty and peace.

Come see what others have shared over at Rebecca's page. Feel free to join in with us whether if it's for one day or all 12!


The Woodwife said...

What a beautiful picture of Mary.

Spadoman said...

I was hoping I'd see you here. I love the photo of that piece of art. I love the hammered tin, and the image is quite beautiful. Mary is depicted in so many ways and has so many names throughout the world, all starting with two words, Our Lady. She is indeed our lady and epitomizes Peace. Love this and look forwatd to getting back into thr swing of things.
Thanks for your recent support my friend.

Peace, Love and Hugs

rebecca said...

i have been looking out for you and your offering all day! so good to see you paula. truly it is only day one and my heart is filled with light and beauty from all the mary love!

your mary is so gorgeous! so glad we will be sharing this pilgrimage together.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Beautiful photo of a beautiful creations of Our Lady ~ love it ~ thanks, namaste, CArol (A Creative Harbor)

Vintage Green said...

What a beautiful altar piece.
thanks for sharing this.

peggy gatto said...

A beautiful start!!!

gma said...

So glad we are sharing in this. Your post and Mary are beautiful.

Dawn Elliott said...

This is a most reverent and glorious Mary! Is this at your church, I wonder?

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

What a gorgeous piece of art and I'm amazed it's on the front of a church. It seems like a piece of fine jewelry. And thank you for your kind comments at S.O.

Noelle Renee said...

Hi Paula,
It is a beautiful picture. The statue is regal and is a perfect first image for the first day of the twelve. I guess that I never went into Nativity church on Alameda Street or I would have seen that amazing statue. I would have liked to take a picture of her. Thank you for sharing her with us.

foxysue said...

You are so right, its all about the sharing, with our little 'She Tribe' and Spadoman, also any other man who walks this way! ;~)

Sue x

Meri said...

She is lovely!


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