Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Puppy Plays with Pretty and Plain Porcines

ABC Wednesday is a word meme with participants from around the world. This fabulous meme was created and hosted by Mrs. Denise Nesbitt who hails from Great Britain. Over time, others have joined in to help host this wonderful and informative meme. We are now in our NINTH round! Some of the participants have been with this from the very first round; others have joined in along the way. Each week we are taken across the globe to see the varied and exciting contributions people have taken the time to discover and capture. We start with the letter, "A" and each week we post something in regards to the next letter of the alphabet. This week's letter is, "P".





No intention of being a bit piggish with this post!! Please pardon me whilst I ponder pleasant portions of poetry to pose before the population!

All kidding aside, as I was posting these images, I realized that they all shared more than one common thread. All photos were taken promptly on my cell phone immediately after sighting these pictures. All were in retail stores!

I do hope you are pleased with the plethora of P's for today.


EG Wow said...

Proof that it pays to carry your phone everywhere. :)

Gigi Ann said...

What store do you shop in? Pears, puppies, and porcines. I can't say I've ever seen a Porcine before.

Carver said...

Pretty piggy post! Great captures with you cell phone.

Roger Owen Green said...

a pretty pig? wellll...maybe

Kay L. Davies said...

Cute post! And P is also for Paula.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

Jo Bryant said...

i love these photos

Tumblewords: said...

A pleasing plethora of phone photos. Porcines are rare here. :)

Leslie: said...

I do! I do! Enjoy your plethora of P photos! Your phone takes pretty good photos, I might say.

abcw team

photowannabe said...

Just love your plethora of P words and pictures Paula.
Great humor too. Always fun to visit your posts.

Joy said...

You will never be bored with a phone on hand. Nice pick of pictures especially of the porcine variety.

Meryl said...

This was a really cool post!

chubskulit said...

Perfect PICK for P! Late visiting from ABC Wednesday!

Hand and Foot Prints is my P, please come and see.

Nanka said...

Pretty or plain pig, I'm piggish with pears!! besides plums,peaches, pomegranate's papaya's and plantains!! :)


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