Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Opus One Offers Opulence in a Glass

ABC Wednesday is a word meme with participants from around the world. This fabulous meme was created and hosted by Mrs. Denise Nesbitt who hails from Great Britain. Over time, others have joined in to help host this wonderful and informative meme. We are now in our NINTH round! Some of the participants have been with this from the very first round; others have joined in along the way. Each week we are taken across the globe to see the varied and exciting contributions people have taken the time to discover and capture. We start with the letter, "A" and each week we post something in regards to the next letter of the alphabet. This week's letter is, "O".

Opus One

Back in the '80's-which seems like many lifetimes ago, I used to work in the wine industry. One of the perks of working in the industry is the introduction to some really great wines (of which many of us cannot afford!). One such wine was the Opus One. A collaboration between Robert Mondavi and the Baron de Philippe de Rothschild companies. A fine wine indeed-meant to be laid down for many years and to enjoy later. But, who can wait? Certainly not I!

Ojito Wilderness Area

The Ojito Wilderness area is one of my favorite, nearby areas to go to-there is so much left for me to explore. This wilderness area is only a 45 minute drive from my door. And yet, it feels like it is suspended in time-especially if you happen to be out there mid-week as there is very little human activity there. The geology is spectacular! Witness, the image I have posted here.

Open Space

The city of Albuquerque has designated a few areas in the metro areas as 'open space'.

"Open Space works to acquire and protect the natural character of land designated as major public Open Space in the 1988 revised City of Albuquerque Comprehensive Plan. These lands, which are comprised of over 28,000 acres in and around Albuquerque, are managed to conserve natural and archaeological resources, provide opportunities for outdoor education, provide a place for high and low impact recreation, and define the edges of the urban environment."

This image was taken last winter at one of the open space locations. As you can see, the migrating birds love to visit these spaces. And I love to visit the migrating birds!


O2: oxygen. Can't live without it! So, remember to keep breathing!


photowannabe said...

Thanks I will remember to keep breathing.
Once a week many years ago I gave some respite to my mother in law so she could shop and get out of the house. I watched Father in law since he was bed ridden and was in the last stages of Alzheimers. He would stop breathing for long periods of time and I would have to remind him to breathe, which he would do for a while and then we would start all over again.
Whew...I haven't thought of that period of life for quite a while., It really isn't a bad memory though. I was helping MIL and hopefully giving som comfort to husband's dad.
To answer your question about the first photo, I really can't.
I don't know what it is but I think its a piece of mining equipment that was rusted and falling apart. I took that one in Bodie also. It does make a great photo op.

Reader Wil said...

Thanks for sharing these photos and for visiting. Yes it was a horrible time in the 19th century when Dickens wrote Oliver. At this moment I am listening and half watching TV. There is a program on about robberies and other crimes. which is not very encouraging.

Roger Owen Green said...

I WOULD comment, but I'm a little tipsy from the first pi...

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Carver said...

The Ojita wilderness looks like a breathtaking place to explore. Outstanding post for the letter O.

chubskulit said...

That open space is beautiful!

Learn some Filipino custom and words with my O entr

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Tell us more about the Opus One. What do your tasting notes say?

Nanka said...

The open spaces wins here!! Lots of oxygen there too!!

Gattina said...

That's quiet a selection of O's !
ABC Team

Joy said...

If there is a vineyard I have to visit something aesthetically pleasing about them. If it was a Rothschild ch√Ęteau that would be very special. Lots of nice open spaces around you there.

Tumblewords: said...

I'm not at all knowledgeable about wines - can hardly tell one from the other. Actually, I can sort by color. That's about it. :) Ojito and open space are hard to beat. For some unknown reason, I've always been a reluctant breather so I have post-it reminders. :) Great post, as always!

Jo Bryant said...

thank you for sharing all this - great post

Meryl said...

Sweet post!!! Breathing is truly underrated!


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