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Ginger, Ginseng and Grief...

ABC Wednesday is a word meme with participants from around the world. This fabulous meme was created and hosted by Mrs. Denise Nesbitt who hails from Great Britain. Over time, others have joined in to help host this wonderful and informative meme. We are now in our NINTH round! Some of the participants have been with this from the very first round; others have joined in along the way. Each week we are taken across the globe to see the varied and exciting contributions people have taken the time to discover and capture. We start with the letter, "A" and each week we post something in regards to the next letter of the alphabet. This week's letter is, "G".


Ginger root-quite the medicinal and culinary giant in my world! Being Asian, I use it often-if I still lived in Hawaii, it would be several times a week. We all know of its digestive uses-great for nausea, motion sickness, gas, but it also has antiseptic qualities making it a good remedy for gastrointestinal infections. It is also a circulatory stimulant and helps blood flow to the surface. My encyclopedia (The Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants by Andrew Chevallier) also states that it can help with high blood pressure and reduce body temperature in fevers. Personally, I love fresh ginger. Well, I love pickled ginger too. I will even tolerate powdered ginger. I just love the stuff!


This is the Ren Sen (Chinese) ginseng-not to be confused with Siberian Ginseng. It's therapeutic actions is considered to be adaptogenic, meaning that ginseng's effect can vary from one individual to the other. It has a stimulating affect for many-particularly those with a strong qi force-which would be the young adults. For those that are more advanced in age, it serves more so as a tonic. In Northern and Central China the elderly take it to help them endure the bitter cold of winter.


(Marian Scott in 2009)

We just lost my dear, sweet mother in law, Marian Scott on Saturday the 27th.  She had battled (as though one could win) with Alzheimer's for many years now. Hospice came in last week and we thought we'd loose her then. My husband hadn't seen her for over a year and he flew out on the 26th to San Diego to say goodbye to her. We did not know if she would still be alive when he arrived, but thankfully she was. He got to see her. Sit by bedside and hold her hand, talk to her and tell her that he loved her. He returned home to New Mexico later that day (nearly midnight). She passed away less than 24 hours of his seeing her. A gift, for sure, but our hearts are heavy for what cannot be. I know how it hurts to loose your mother and she was the best mother in law anyone could hope for.

Marian and Scotty (aka Ken) on their wedding day

Marian and Mark (my husband) at her 50th wedding anniversary

As you can see, she was a beautiful woman-beautiful inside and out. I know she really missed her husband, Scotty when he died of lung cancer back in 1997. It was hard to see her grieve so, even if it is the natural order of things.

She truly is in a better place now, but knowing that still does not lessen the grief. But, grief and love go hand in hand.


Meryl said...

My condolences... those are lovely shots and you are right - he was so lucky to have been able to say his last 'goodbye'. May time heal and soothe you loss.

photowannabe said...

Oh Paula, I'm so sorry.
Death may be natural but it certainly is never easy. My prayers go with you and your husband. I'm glad he was able to see her and tell her she was loved.

Kay L. Davies said...

I sure do understand, Paula. My mother died in 07 and my dad in 09 and sometimes it still feels like yesterday. Losing a beloved parent is never easy.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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chubskulit said...

So sorry for your loss!

God's Marvelous Gift. Have a great day!

Hildred and Charles said...

A lovely tribute, Paula. So glad your husband was able to say goodbye.

I share your love of ginger!!!

Roger Owen Green said...

Sorry for your loss. She seems like a nice lady.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Gigi Ann said...

So sorry for the death of your MIL..

EG Wow said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Paula!

Jane and Chris said...

It's hard to lose someone you love. I'm so sorry that you are hurting.
Jane x

Joy said...

Sorry for your loss, she has a lovely smile. It must have given her great comfort to hold your husbands hand, and know he was there.

Leslie: said...

I lost my mother to Alzheimers in 2002, and thankfully she always knew who I was right up to the end. It is a vicious disease and the only way I could deal with her loss was knowing she was no longer in pain and had all her youthful faculties in her new life as an angel. Maybe my Mom was there to meet your MIL...who knows? Maybe one day we will know. Hugs!

abcw team

rebecca said...

beautiful indeed. on her wedding day and fifty years later and every day in between. thank you for sharing her with so much love.
you are so kind and wonderful and i must now go wrap a sacred heart and post it to you and yours.


gigihawaii said...

My condolences go out to you and your husband. How lovely she was! That photo of her dancing with your husband is priceless.

Tumblewords: said...

A wonderful tribute. It's difficult to lose a loved one.
Enjoyed your narrative on ginger and ginseng.

Reader Wil said...

My condolences. Your mother-in-law had a very sweet and lovely smile on her face, the same she had on her weddingday. You will certainly miss her. May you find comfort with each other.

Cassy said...

My condolences.
Your mother in law looks beautiful.

Cassy from Play Electric Guitar


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