Saturday, July 09, 2011

Postcards From My Mother

During the summer months of June, 1950, my mother, who had now been living on Molokai as a school teacher, traveled back to her home in Ashley, Illinois to visit her family. I can only guess that she flew by plane to the west coast, then took the train across the country to Illinois. En route, she bought many postcards. Some of them she wrote on and mailed them back home to her sweetie, Johnny Mondoy (who, about a year later became her husband).

 (my scanner went kaput on me and in desperation to continue these post card posts, I've tried just taking photos of it. Not as good as a scanned image, but it will have to do!)

So, it reads, "I wanted to send one of these to Mr. and Mrs. Mito, but I'm selfish. I want it for my scrapbook! Tell them hello for me. Guess I'll send one to them anyway.
Love to you, Johnny from the bottom of my heart."

Note, too that in the address, there is no state abbreviation as Hawaii was not a state back then. It was still a territory, so the abbreviation of T/H is used.


gigihawaii said...

wow, what an incredible camera you have that can take such clear shots. That was very clever of you to do so. Your mother's message is very sweet.

sharplittlepencil said...

Ah, Territory of Hawaii. I remember pre-zip code, even, but this one was new to me!

Thank you for sharing these lovely memories, Paula. True love is always a good read, and the "stingy" part was funny! Amy


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