Sunday, June 05, 2011

Postcards From My Mother (and the dedication of the Kimo Theater Sign)

During the summer months of June, 1950, my mother, who had now been living on Molokai as a school teacher, traveled back to her home in Ashley, Illinois to visit her family. I can only guess that she flew by plane to the west coast, then took the train across the country to Illinois. En route, she bought many postcards. Some of them she wrote on and mailed them back home to her sweetie, Johnny Mondoy (who, about a year later became her husband). This one is from New Mexico and depicts Central Ave. in Albuquerque looking east with 4th St. in the foreground. Part of the famous Rt. 66-the building in the bottom left of the postcard is now a bar/restaurant called, Maloney's. It doesn' look too different today.

Here's the back of the postcard. The date on the post mark is June 13, 1950 and it got routed to Joplin, MO. Kind of odd to know that, given the recent destruction from tornadoes lately.

Note, too, that Hawaii was not yet a state (that happened in August, 1959), so T/H stands for Territory of Hawaii.

I thought I would also include this video I did to kick off this series of "Postcards From My Mother".  If you don't want to miss a posting of "Postcards From My Mother", you can always sign up for an email notification of when a posting is done here. It is on my sidebar. The video is of a dedication of the neon sign that took place on Friday, June 3rd, in downtown Albuquerque.


rebecca said...

paula...i love that you have this collection of postcards from your mother. lovely to have you share something from the heart and hands of your mother!

thanks for sharing postcards, with postcards!

d smith kaich jones said...

oh paula. this makes my heart break open a little and makes me so happy. so wonderful!


Cassie said...

What fun! To be able to read these old post cards from your mother. (MY mother is very weird.She destroyed all the letters she and daddy wrote to one another during WW2.History gone forever.She also burned my dad's grandmas letter.Such a loss.)I wanna get your emails about the postings. Thanks!

gigihawaii said...

Lucky you have these postcards. My own mother didn't leave Hawaii until she was in her 50s, when her sisters chipped in and sent her to Disney Land.

Come see my blog today, Paula. I show pics of an art show I attended yesterday...



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