Sunday, January 09, 2011

Stumbling Towards Esctasy

Getting By on Bright Spots 

 ("Goddess" silkscreen and mixed media approx. 16" x 20")

And so, on Monday, Jan. 3rd, we woke up to our office/studio space flooded in 6-9" of water. A pipe froze and broke. It was insulated, but the temps dipped down to 7 degrees and took its toll everywhere. This happened on the second floor of the building which resides behind our house. To date, I have no idea how much of my part of the contents is damaged. I haven't had the heart to look through my stuff to see which of my artwork is lost. It was a shock to awaken to that morning. For the next few days as we emptied out the building of its contents (no easy feat) in the freezing cold, I went from wanting to have complete meltdowns to putting one foot in front of the other. One foot in front of the other.That's how you move forward when you think you can't.
But, really, there were many bright spots that got me through it. Quite a few from my son. First observation: "Mom, at least it wasn't a fire.". You bet. So glad it wasn't. Later in the week, when I had another moment of feeling overwhelmed-especially when the building was completely emptied out and some of the soaking wet drywall and insulation was removed. Assessing how much reconstruction would have to take place. Once, again, John had words that brightened my day. "Just think, mom. It's a fresh start." OK, so I didn't put in a request for a fresh start, but I'll take the blessing!
Mid-week. I went upstairs to rescue personal photos and stuff that I didn't want the contractors to pack up. My friend, Donna stopped by to drop off some little purses that she had sewn and made from Carpi juice boxes/envelopes. She showed up at a moment when I thought I was going to  have yet another meltdown. Sharing the story with a friend was  bright spot.
Another bright spot is that my husband thought to call our plumber right away (someone he trusts). He showed up immediately and got to the problem and it has been his crew (it's a family run business called Joe's Plumbing) that has saved the day for us. Cleaning everything out and moving everything. Taking down the wet drywall and insulation. All the cabinets, etc. Every day a crew of 3-4 guys. All day long. All the other restoration specialist in the metro area are still tied up taking care of all the damage done everywhere due to the below freezing temps that we have had. So, we are very lucky to have a steady crew here. They really cared about us as individuals. A really bright spot.
And, all the words of sympathy and comfort and, "I've been there too" have helped tremendously. All the prayers being sent our way.
So many bright spots.
So much gratitude.
I thank you all. The ordeal continues and reconstruction will span over the next 5 weeks, but the shock has, for the most part, worn off and replaced with resignation and acceptance.


rebecca said...

sending you love, comfort, support...
and warm dry soft winds.
love your inclusion of all the bright spots that have woven their way into the unexpected challenge.
you are amazingly strong.
so glad your crew is there, your husband,
you son!


Spadoman said...

Joe's Plumbing. I mean, how can that name ever be bad??!! LOL
Sending good positive energy your way. An old friend once told me, "It isn't a problem if you can solve it with money."
He was referring to the loss of our daughter. Money could never bring her back, but furniture, art supplies and cabinets can all be replaced. You have the right idea. You are seeing the blessings, and you have your son an husband there to help.
It will be over soon. The best to you.


Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Paula, what an exasperating experience. How old is your wise son who offers mom such wise advice? I hope that most of your stuff got out without being ruined, and I am glad a crew was available to help. So it's icy cold in New Mexico, too. Keep us posted.


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