Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Daily Mary: Day 12

The Virgin Mary every day from  December 1-12th.  Rebecca is hosting this meme.Thanks, Rebecca! If you want to join in, go to her blog and post your link.

 (store front window in Santa Fe, NM)

Astounding as it is, this was not in a church. Not in a graveyard, but in a store window in Santa Fe. Complete with the votive candles for offerings (you know, the small, red glass ones that are in a grouping found at the front of the church). The light was beautiful on her. As was the luscious red drapes in back. She shone with such a golden light. I love this image. I love what it represents. She is perfection.

Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe

Dear Mother, we love you. We thank you for your promise to help us in our need. We trust in your love that dries our tears and comforts us. Teach us to find our peace in your Son, Jesus, and bless us every day of our lives.
Help us to build a shrine in our hearts. Make it as beautiful as the one built for you on the Mount of Tepeyac. A shrine full of trust, hope, and love of Jesus growing stronger each day.
Mary, you have chosen to remain with us by giving us your most wonderful and holy self-image on Juan Diego's cloak. May we feel your loving presence as we look upon your face. Like Juan, give us the courage to bring your message of hope to everyone.
You are our Mother and our inspiration. Hear our prayers and answer us.

A most heartfelt thank you to Rebecca for helping each of us build a shrine in our hearts. This has been a wonderful journey! I am going to go into 'withdrawal' after today as I so enjoyed doing this meme. It has been a very fulfilling and uplifting journey and I am inspired by all who partook in it. This journey came at a much needed time in my life right now, so for that , I am even more grateful as it gave me the strength to keep moving forward and to face each day with joy. I hope we do it again next year!


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

In a store window,
a Lady with grace-filled hands
blesses the weary.

Like Candle Flame

gigihawaii said...

Yes, this was a delightful meme. And the red drapes in the background of this photo accentuate the gold aura around Mary.

Annie said...

You saved the best for last for us. OR, perhaps the last best saved itself for you. She is an incomparable beauty, her location so unexpected. But, perhaps not, after all, you ARE in New Mexico. I could never hope to find such in California, land of the shopping malls.

I too will be going through withdrawals. I think more than a few of us may continue posting Blessed Mother from time to time.

Paula Scott said...


I lived in CA for 20 years, so I know exactly what you speak of! When we moved here to NM, the thought that it was 98% Catholic at that time was an added bonus for us-it was not a factor as to why we moved here. And actually, it's really not about being Catholic, but being able to celebrate your faith unabashedly and to see others doing so regardless of their religious affiliation. It's about religious tolerance. There have been far too many efforts on non spiritual factions of our society that has taken away a lot of our freedoms-religion being one of them.

Noelle Renee said...

I think that I have seen this store or been in it in Santa Fe! This is an beautiful Guadalupe, filled with golden candlelight. How wonderful that you found her there! Your prayer of love is so heartfelt and steadfast. It gives me hope and consolation just reading it. Thank you. I shall miss it too, but we have all become friends now and are not far from one another in the blogging universe. Perhaps when I come to Santa Fe to visit again, we can have lunch together.

Spadoman said...

A beautiful store front. I love the art of Santa Fe. Your prayers, all week, have been wonderful words woven together for the greater good of all. I Thank You for all you have given and shown us during this project, and look forward to more of everything in the future.


turquoise cro said...

That's where I was, Sante Fe all those years ago! Such a beautiful Mary to see in a window!!! Happy Feast Day! ((((Molokai Girl)))

deb did it said...

yes, she is delicious, as the light surrounding Her. Beyond beautiful.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Ah, the lighting is exquisite on the virgin. It has been wonderful getting to know you via Rebecca's meme. Thanks.

Peacefully*Chaotic said...

Que bella!What a beauty she is!
I too have enjoyed this meme tremendously.I am with rebecca on making it a weekly theme!I look forward to future posts of yours.hAVE A BLESSED WEEK!

Stephanie said...

So lovely...gotta love what you have everyday in NM!!


foxysue said...

I do love all the spirituality this last twelve days has yielded, although I don't hold with any particular faith, I hold dear a spiritual oneness, as we are all inextricably linked to one-another by virtue of being human.

I want to thank you especially for your lovely messages that came my way.

I hope this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship with you and all the other lovelies.

Sue x

rebecca said...

i want to thank you with all my heart for your soul inspiring posts every day as we marked december to the feast day of the virgin of guadalupe.
it was a heart warming journey that i will host every year, with honor.
i am still reflecting on the power of this and each persons unique offering. i am wondering how we can keep our meeting of hearts and minds strong...perhaps on sundays.
i promise to keep you in the loop!



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