Sunday, October 31, 2010


I'm asking you this: can you do what this sign says below?

(photo taken somewhere in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico)

Can you show some love?

Well, whether you do or don't, I will!

A dear blogger friend of mine needs some 'signs' as her work graces another publication called, "Artful Blogging". She will appear in the November issue of this publication and her name is Debi Jones of Emma Tree. She produces incredible posts regularly that contain not only amazing images, but even more so, astounding writing. Her place the in the "Artful Blogging" magazine is well deserved! I keep telling her that she needs to gets her work published as a book. She is that good. So, help me in giving her a round of applause! Drop by her blog and leave her a comment. Show her some 'love'! Tell her that I sent you.

Oh, wait, she is also in Somerset Life (the last of three, count them, three installations).

And, she has a birthday coming up real soon, so, go ahead and wish her a happy birthday too!

 (on the wall in a funky bathroom in a great little restaurant 
somewhere in New Mexico-taken with my cell phone)

Here is a list of the 'sign' participants: 


winnsangels said...

Absolutely showin some love. And I love that second little sign too.

ELK said...

this is so very creative the signs and the tribute...

Amy said...

Oh yes, Debi could/should definitely publish a book! Thank you for showing your love, Paula. I think the applause is nigh deafening now! =D

mrs mediocrity said...

yes, her writing takes my breath away. love the signs!

Deborah Carr said...

This wonderful blogging world makes me believe that love is on the rise!

Having so much fun with Amy's idea...meeting new remembering my single trip to Molokai so many years ago.

smith kaich jones said...

i am here. after 10 pm, 10 days late, and so happy and appreciating your kind, kind words. you have always been behind me, from the get-go, always in my corner, always so supportive. you were a part of keeping me going when i thought i couldn't or wouldn't. you have always believed.

there is no way to say thank you enough, so i will just say those two simple words, and know that you know they come from the bottom of my heart.

muchas gracias, mi amiga.


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