Saturday, June 06, 2009

National Drawing Day

Jessica Wesolick's Cre8it Art Blog notified us that today, June 6th is National Drawing Day. She put the call out to do a drawing and post it in her comment section on her blog. I hadn't drawn anything in a long time and this is really more of a sketch than a drawing, but I did want to participate and get motivated to get back to drawing again.

I worked from a photo I took of my son when he was about four or five years old pretending to be a 'muscle' man!

And, for the sake of sheer entertainment, you have just GOT to see this brilliantly executed animation done by Alan Becker called,"Animator vs. Animation":

I hope you go on over to Jessica's Blog to see what others have posted and perhaps YOU will be inspired to draw and post too!

Happy National Drawing Day!


The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Hey Paula! Great job! Karrie & I both were just saying that we need to get back in the habbit of drawing we have inspiration!

Hey Harriet said...

love your 'muscle man' illustration!

Rosebud Collection said...

I have got to get back into it.
You did a wonderful job, it is adorable.
Happy SSS.

laurel said...

Wonderful drawing!!


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