Sunday, May 10, 2009

Where Did that Little Boy Go???

John K. Scott at four years old


I have no idea how 17 1/2 years zipped by. It seems like yesterday that this young man came into my life.

He was born a few weeks early (four to be as exact as one can be with guestimating birth dates); definitely a "preemie" weighing in at 4 lbs. when he came home. So little!!

Now, he towers over both of us at 6' 2" and about 165 lbs.! Geez.

At four years old, they can be quite silly as this photo is testimony to! At 17, they can be quite grumpy!

I have so many mixed emotions that run through me in regards to this young man who is at the doorstep of 'adulthood'. I can only hope that he's learned some good things from me and that he is about as prepared as any young adult can be for that big old world out there.


Leau said...

Still just as darling as ever!

Judith. Santa Fe said...

A premie!
My , they do G R O W .....

Both my girls were in that 4 lb. range- I'll never get over that the size of their hands were the size of my thumb!

Hey Harriet said...

Oh geez this was posted on Sunday...I'm way behind in my blog reading this week! What a cute little pic of your little man. He'll do just fine as I'm sure he's had a wonderful upbringing that has prepared him well for adulthood. 17 is such an awkward age. I remember it well. It was fun but I'm kind of glad it's well and truly in the past!


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